The Boomerang Debate

Proposition: UCU students will never become independent at ‘Hotel UCU’

Pro by Miss Independent

At this campus, students are dependent and learn no life skills. It starts with our rooms being served to us on a silver platter – no weeding out of gross places or dodgy areas, no being rejected from shared flats, and never having to worry about maybe, possibly, ending up homeless.

Then the rooms themselves, which are absolutely ginormous by student standards: ever given a thought about furniture, heating, or water bills? Probably not – all is being taken care of with one big check at the beginning of the year.

Sure, we’re supposed to keep the units clean – but take a random sample and you’ll see how well that works out. Something broke? Oh, just email the landlord or Maarten Diederix, and open the door for them. You’ll never have to change a light bulb or learn valuable skills like unclogging toilets.

And food. The platters in DH are not quite silver, even though, considering the prices, it feels like some of them should be. The good news: you never have to fight over hotplates or set foot in a supermarket. Just live your lazy life and tell yourself that you’re focusing on academics – which may be tough here, but we still get a lot of help. Tutors are basically academic babysitters; at other universities, students are expected to register for classes themselves.

How could we possibly learn how to live independently here? We’ll be in for a shock once we enter the real world and knowing how to write a kick-ass thesis will be of no help whatsoever.

Con by Mama’s Boy

We keep hearing it over and over: we are a bunch of spoiled little brats, whose biggest problem in life is a five-minute wait in Dining Hall. But how exactly is learning to run a household at this age essential? Is being a student really about spending countless hours on doing groceries, quarreling with your landlord over rent, or mixing 20 detergents in your sink?

By eliminating these ‘practical’ worries of life, UCU has successfully turned us into the superhumans that our society needs. Juggling ten committee meetings in one day, producing high-quality academic material at the speed of light, organizing time-consuming events in the blink of an eye and budgeting with ease… Few off-campus people have acquired this wide a range of valuable skills, regardless if they happen to know more about cooking.

In the end, isn’t this our most formative age? Sooner or later we will have to face the harsh adult life. But right now we are better off analyzing postmodern literature and arguing about 21st century human rights. True independence lies in the mindset. Ultimately, in the end we do live on our own: we still have to manage our time, look after ourselves and, dare I say it, make decisions. Many of us don’t see their family for months and can’t call Mommy when faced with an impossible task. It is safe to saythat UCU gives us the best balance: being on our own, but with the freedom to be an engaged student. And whenever people question our independence, we can always remind them that we do our own laundry.


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