U Have To C This – Once Upon A Time

A Review

By Januschka Veldstra

In this new section, Boomerang writers will present you their favourite shows, and convince you of the necessity to watch it. We start out with Once Upon A Time.

Go back to your childhood for a second. Imagine when you would play pretend, and you were a heroic knight or explorer of lost worlds; when monsters bowed to your might and magic literally lay in the palm of your hand. These were the times when everything was possible. Haven’t we all dreamt once or twice of all that being true, no matter what our parents and teachers said? Magic existed – we just didn’t know how to use it.

What if magic was real, but we just didn’t remember that it was? This is the premise of Once Upon A Time. Storybrooke seems as boring as any other small town, but unlike most other small towns, this one has been cursed by Snow White’s evil stepmother, Regina. All inhabitants of Storybrooke are characters from fairy tales, but the curse has made them forget their true identity. Now, they are forced to live the same bland lives as we do ever since we grew up, in a world without magic. Clearly, this curse must be broken.

This is where Emma Swan comes in. As a metropolitan woman, she lacks entirely the dreamy ideology we associate with our Disney heroines. Life never granted her a fairy godmother, and she has learnt to get by without one. It is up to Henry – the son she gave up for adoption years ago – to convince the rest of the town, and Emma in particular, that the curse is real. That Snow White and Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, Granny and Red (Riding Hood), and countless others are all there, slumbering in the depths of everyone’s memory.

Once Upon A Time makes for perfect distraction during those dark, gloomy days ahead of us. This is the show to watch when cuddled up in a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. It weaves an intricate pattern of relationships between well-known characters, creating original story lines and adding depth to the stories we already know. This show is a must-watch for anyone who ever enjoyed Beauty and the Beast or Peter Pan, and who wants to relive that feeling we all once had: the hope for the seven dwarves to march by, or for the letter bearing Dumbledore’s signature to finally arrive.


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