UCStudios and Student collaborate to “Pick you up”

By Alexandra Fergen

Lina Wenner, third semester student and a permanent feature of UCU open-mic nights, has written her first song – a ballad called “Pick you up”. UCStudios got wind of this and asked Lina to collaborate in making a music video.

The idea of making the video originally came from Marijn Maas, a UCStudios board member. “Marijn approached me one day and said he’d heard Lina’s song and would really like to make a music video of it. … I was immediately enthusiastic”, says UCStudios Project Coordinator Eloi Adjavon. “I think that this kind of cooperation is helpful and fruitful for both parties.”

In terms of translating the song into a video, UCStudios explained that instead of creating “a pictorial representation of the lyrics” they want to focus on the song’s calm mood. They are planning to reflect this by dividing the video into two parts: one showing Lina and the other narrating a story.

But what is the song actually about? “It is about someone I know who was in a bad place at the time. It was meant as a way of saying that she had a support network and would get through this difficult time”, says Lina. “I’m really excited that there are people who want to spend their free time on a song that I have written.”

Indeed, engaging in such a time-consuming project alongside studies and work can be challenging. The group’s enthusiasm proves to be a driving force. “We’re currently nearing the end of the pre-production phase and once we’re finished with that, we’ll jump into shooting. Inshallah, sooner than later, “says Eloi optimistically. We are eagerly waiting.


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