Take This Waltz

A Movie Review

By Sanne van der Steeg


Take This Waltz is a Canadian romantic comedy-drama directed by Sarah Polley that centers around a love triangle involving restless and endearing Margot (Michelle Williams), slightly chubby and lovable Lou (Seth Rogen) and handsome and brooding Daniel (Luke Kirby). Margot and Lou have been married for 5 years, and have a slightly eccentric relationship involving baby voices, play-wrestling, and unusually violent ways of declaring their love for each other, such as “I love you so much I want to put your spleen through a meat grinder.” The tranquility of this slightly unconventional relationship is disturbed by the arrival of Daniel whom Margot meets on a writing assignment in Nova Scotia. As luck would have it, Daniel does not only end up sitting next to Margot on the plane, but during their flirtatious taxi ride home Margot also learns that Daniel is her new neighbour. With the two of them so obviously and mutually attracted to each other, trouble lies ahead.

From the movie

Named after a Leonard Cohen song of the same name, the film deals with many themes that prominently feature in Cohen’s work, including love, longing, and desire. The film explores whether new things are truly ‘better’, since no matter how attractive the prospects seem at the beginning, new things get old as well. To what extent do we truly want something, and when do we simply want a distraction? Take This Waltz attempts to answer these questions in a refreshingly honest way, without overly simplifying a complex dilemma to which there does not seem to be a straightforward solution. The film’s moving plot and sharp script is complemented by a great performance by Michelle Williams, as well as a dynamic soundtrack and a wonderful supporting cast. All in all, although it seems Take This Waltz may be a love it or hate it film, it cannot be denied that it is a breath of fresh air in the often boring and predictable romantic comedy-drama genre.


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