Gems of Appelpop

By Januschka Veldstra

Appelpop is the biggest free music festival in the Netherlands. Every September, it promises two days of great music – both familiar and new – and a fun atmosphere. Here is a roundup of this year’s music.




All Dutchies will probably recognise this name, but to everyone else it is no more than a typo. They have been making lovely pop-rock for 15 years now and are still going strong, having just released a new album and their show at Appelpop was great. Check out: Love You More, No Mercy, and Freedom.


My personal favourite, Blaudzun (a.k.a. Johannes Sigmond) is a Dutch singer-songwriter who makes wonderfully folksy music. Check out his performance at Lowlands this year, Solar in particular. There are still tickets available for his show on December 14th at Tivoli.


If Chef´Special had to be described in only one word, it would be “funky”. They mix hip-hop, rock, pop, and some reggae into a catchy blend that creates a great on-stage vibe. Check out: Birds and Biggest Monkey.

Selah Sue

This tiny Belgian singer-songwriter combines folk, jazz, reggae, and more into a mix that will have you bopping along in no time. Check out: This World and her cover of Mercy (together with another Belgian band worthy of your precious time: Triggerfinger).

Karma to Burn

If instrumental stoner rock does not immediately get you excited, try Karma to Burn – their laid back sound is great for a sunny afternoon of chilling on the quad. Check out: any of their songs, really.

Bombay Show Pig

This Dutch hipster duo makes some nice indie rock tunes that sound surprisingly well-rounded, considering there are only two of them. Check out: Sancho Panza.

And of course, make sure to be there next year to experience it all yourself!


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